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Martin System®

Martin System® is an innovative company specializing in the development and production of electronic training aids for dogs. It represents an icon in the field of development and production of electronic training systems for dogs, characterized by innovation and commitment to ethics and animal welfare since its foundation.

Its story began to be written thanks to the passion and expertise of the founders, who recognized the need to create training aids that would not only be effective, but also humane and respectful of the needs and well-being of animals.

EN BE-111 MARTIN SYSTEM - Set K9® + Chameleon® III B (Large) + Finger Kick + charging kit-PhotoRoom EN

2018 was a breakthrough year for Martin System® when the company was acquired by Michael and Bart Bellon, owners of BCBB. This pair of world-renowned cynologists, who previously worked closely with the previous owner Charles Martin, brought new impulses to the company in the form of Chameleon® I and II and CTT technologies. These innovations significantly enriched the Martin System® product portfolio and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the field of electronic training aids for dogs.

The company's philosophy is closely linked to the principles of the NePoPo® school, which promotes positive and friendly training methods, whereby the Martin System® puts the well-being and well-being of animals first. Martin System® products are designed to ensure effective and humane training, thereby supporting the creation of a strong and positive relationship between the dog and its owner.

The takeover of the company by the Bellons meant not only continuity in innovation and quality, but also a new era in which Martin System® became the first company in the world to be managed directly by dog ​​trainers. This unique combination of expertise and practical experience in dog training with technological developments allows Martin System® to offer products that are in line with the latest knowledge and needs of both professional trainers and home dog lovers.

Martin System® is thus at the forefront of a revolution in the field of dog training, where innovation, ethics and commitment to excellence shape every aspect of its activity. Martin System® products are proof that even in a technologically demanding field such as dog training, it is possible to find harmony between efficiency and a responsible approach to animals.