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Chameleon® IV

Chameleon® IV is an innovative electronic collar for dogs that, based on the previous model Chameleon® III B, brings improvements in discretion, comfort and flexibility in the location of contact points. It is designed with an emphasis on waterproofing and the possibility of charging via a wireless or cable charger. It uses cutting-edge technologies specific to the field of electronic collars, many of which are patented by Martin System® .

The Chameleon IV from Martin System is a revolutionary dog ​​training device that combines the latest technology with a user-friendly design. This product is ideal for both professional trainers and home dog lovers looking for an effective and humane way of training. With Chameleon IV, you will increase the effectiveness of training while ensuring the comfort and safety of your dog. Its innovative features and adaptability to different training needs make it an essential tool for anyone who wants to achieve professional-level results.


The set consisting of the CTT 4 (Chameleon® Tactical Transmitter 4) and the Chameleon® IV collar is a two-way system used to communicate with the dog(s).  Information is sent back from the Chameleon® IV to your CTT 4.



Chameleon® IV retains all the characteristics of Chameleon® III B, provides discretion, comfort and the position of the contact points can be easily moved.  Chameleon® IV is waterproof and rechargeable using a wireless or wired charger.  This kit uses the most advanced technology in the electronic collar industry and most of it is patented by Martin System®.


The CTT 4 with its backlit color display can give you easy access to the information received from the Chameleon® IV.


The patented Finger Kick pairs with your Martin System® remote control and allows you to wirelessly trigger the stimulation button on the remote control hands-free.



Technical highlights:



The fourth generation of the Martin System® revolution!

Up to 300m, the CTT 4 displays feedback of Chameleon® IV parameters such as:


  • Contact information about the measurement
  • Collar temperature (°C or °F)
  • Battery level
  • Radio signal quality



Conserve the battery life of your Chameleon® IV when you don't need to use it.


  • By distance
  • Only with your CTT 4 remote control



Avoid involuntary level changes by blocking your actual stimulation level



Adjust the brightness of the CTT 4 remote control screen with DOGGIFY to train your dog discreetly.

If necessary, the backlight can be turned off.



With the free DOGGIFY APP you get access to an unprecedented level of information and support.


  • Contact measurement
  • Collar temperature measurement
  • Battery status indication for collar and transmitter

Customize your device settings:


  • Refresh rate of feedback data
  • Warning alarm on CTT 4
  • Collar stimulation level
  • And many more



Charge the CTT 4 and Chameleon® IV with a fast wireless charger or a wired charger.