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Chameleon® Extender MULTI-BRAND

Do you feel that your faithful four-legged friend deserves absolute comfort while you try to train him at the highest level ? Introducing the revolutionary CHAMELEON® EXTENDER MULTI-BRAND - the only product on the market that transforms your existing electronic collar to an unprecedented level of quality and functionality, without the need to purchase a completely new collar. 

Do you use a collar from brands such as Dogtra, Dog Trace, Garmin, E-Collar Technologies, Sit Means Sit, or Sport Dog and are you attracted by the conveniences offered by the Martin System Chameleon®?

CHAMELEON® EXTENDER MULTI-BRAND is here for you to transform your current collar into a multi-functional tool that can be customized according to your dog's needs. This supplement increases the number of contact points and allows for flexible placement, minimizing the risk of necrosis while providing your dog with maximum comfort. 

Imagine that your dog can experience training without restrictions, with the perfect contact of the collar to the body  provided by the CHAMELEON® EXTENDER MULTI-BRAND. Thanks to the possibility of installing Chameleon® Feather Contacts, considered the best contact points in the field of electronic training collars, your dog will get unlimited freedom of movement and you will get unlimited satisfaction from his progress and well-being. 

Don't keep your dog waiting for the improvement and comfort he deserves. Order the CHAMELEON® EXTENDER MULTI-BRAND today and start writing a new chapter in your dog's training with technology that is a step forward. Make the best decision for you and your dog - because your dog deserves only the best.

The Martin System company thought of you as well - users of regular electronic collars and prepared for you the affordable  Chameleon® Extender MULTI BRAND electronic training collar in two sizes: 

  • medium (26.5 cm)
  • large (31.1 cm)
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Introducing CHAMELEON® EXTENDER MULTI-BRAND - a revolutionary solution for all owners of electronic training collars who want to reach new heights in training their four-legged friends. If you have already discovered the potential and possibilities of your current electronic collar, but feel it is time to move on , the CHAMELEON® EXTENDER is exactly what you need.

Leave the limitations of single block collars behind and enter the world of professional training with CHAMELEON® EXTENDER . This innovative product allows you to have more than one positive and negative contact point, which means better sensitivity and more effective communication with your dog. In addition, the contact points are fully customizable, meaning you can adapt them to your dog's needs to prevent possible necrosis and ensure optimal contact.

Thanks to compatibility with a number of leading brands such as Dogtra  ( except Dogtra 1900S and Arc) , Dog Trace, E-Collar Technologies, Garmin, Sit Means Sit and Sport Dog, CHAMELEON® EXTENDER MULTI-BRAND opens the door to professional training for a wide range of dog owners. And all this under much more favorable economic conditions than you would expect.

Don't forget that for the maximum experience, we recommend complementing your CHAMELEON® EXTENDER with Chameleon® Feather Contacts for the best possible contact and comfort for your dog.

5 compelling bullet points to upgrade your current electronic collar:


1. Multiple contact points: CHAMELEON® EXTENDER allows you to have more than one positive and negative contact point for better sensitivity and more effective communication with your dog.

2. Fully customizable: You can customize the contact points according to your dog's needs, which eliminates the risk of necrosis and ensures optimal contact.

3. Wide compatibility: Compatible with many leading brands of electronic training collars, CHAMELEON® EXTENDER is a universal solution for all dog owners.

4. Economical: Offers a professional level of training at a fraction of the price, compared to buying a brand new high class collar.

5. Comfort and Safety: With Chameleon® Feather Contacts that are compatible with the Extender, it provides your dog with the best possible contact with flexible comfort and safety.




Product Overview: Introducing the CHAMELEON® Extender Multi-Brand, an innovative accessory designed to transform your standard e-collar into a multi-functional tool that offers enhanced flexibility and comfort for your dog. This product is not an electronic training collar!

Key Features:

  • Extended contact functionality: CHAMELEON® Extender allows the addition of more than one positive and negative contact point, which greatly increases the efficiency and safety of using the collar.

  • Optimal contact and sensitivity: Allows you to move or add contact points for optimal contact and the best sensitivity for your dog, ensuring that communication between you and your dog is always clear and consistent.

  • Flexible Comfort: Compatible with Chameleon® Feather Contacts, the Extender provides the best possible contact while maintaining flexible comfort for your dog.

  • Universal Compatibility: The CHAMELEON® Extender is compatible with a variety of brands, including Martin System, Dogtra (except Dogtra 1900S and Arc models), Dog Trace, E-Collar Technologies, Garmin, Sit Means Sit and Sport Dog, providing a wide range of options for dog owners.

  • Size and Configuration:

  • The medium version measures 28.5cm and contains one central island unit with two additional islands on each side, where one island can hold up to 3 contact points or plastic screws and the final island supports 2 contact points or plastic screws.
  • The Large version  measures 31.1cm and contains one central island unit with three additional islands on each side, where one island can hold up to 3 contact points or plastic screws and the final island supports 2 contact points or plastic screws.


Applications and uses: CHAMELEON® Extender is the ideal solution for dog owners who are looking for increased flexibility in training or daily use of electronic collars. With its ability to adapt to different brands and models, this extender is an indispensable accessory for those who want to ensure the best possible communication and comfort for their dog.

Safety and Comfort: Eliminate the possibility of necrosis with the ability to frequently move the contact points, which ensures that your dog will always be comfortable, regardless of the length of wearing the collar.


CHAMELEON® Extender Multi-Brand Medium is an invaluable accessory for every dog ​​owner looking for maximum efficiency, comfort and safety when using electronic collars.




Manuals :

Product user manuals are available on this website under the " Related Files " tab


Video tutorials:  

Dear customers, we want to provide you not only top products , but also complete support in their use. That is why we have prepared a series of detailed video instructions for you , where you will find practical tips and instructions for operating and using all the functions of the purchased product.      

Our video tutorials are simple, easy to understand and designed to help you get the most out of your investment in quality training equipment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find all the information you need to get the most out of your new e-collar.

You can find video manuals in the "Information for you" section at the bottom of our e-shop.

Be sure to visit this page for step-by-step instructions to make sure you get the most out of your Martin System® product. 

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