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Patented Martin System technologies

Welcome to the future of dog training . Martin System collars are unique and represent an exceptional approach in the world of dog training - they are designed with patented technologies that build enthusiasm, motivation and voluntary obedience in dogs , instead of traditional methods of obedience through punishment or inducing fear from strong electrical impulses. Discover how these collars are changing dog training around the world.


Martin System is convinced that dog training should be efficient, humane and stress-free. The path to that dream and the drive for innovation led to the development of a series of patented technologies that are the heart of our collars. These technologies enable dog trainers and owners to achieve exceptional results in building motivated obedience and enthusiastic command compliance.

  1. Gentle stimulation: Our unique technology enables gentle but effective communication with the dog. Instead of using strong or literally painful stimuli, we focus on low levels of stimulation that are pleasant and motivating for the dog.
  2. Precise control: The system allows trainers to precisely individualize individual parameters according to the needs and nature of their dog and to set, for example, the level of stimulation according to their wishes , and they do not have to rely only on the values offered by the manufacturer. This flexibility ensures that each dog receives exactly what it needs for optimal training.
  3. Long battery life and water resistance : Our collars are designed to withstand harsh conditions and long-term use. High water resistance and long battery life mean that the collars are reliable in any environment. Inductive charging is a matter of course in the case of Chameleon III B.
  4. Safety and comfort: The safety and comfort of your dog is our priority. The collars are designed to be comfortable for the dog to wear, with an emphasis on minimizing any potential discomfort.

Patented Martin System technologies are the result of extensive research and innovation in the field of cynology. The result is a range of training products that change the rules of the game in the world of dog training. Take a look at our offer and discover how Martin System collars can change your approach to dog training.


Doggify mobile application

Connect the Micro B or Chameleon ® III B collar via Bluetooth to the Doggify mobile app


Be in touch with your dog like never before! With «B» technology and the Doggify application , MICRO–B / CHAMELEON III-B brings revolutionary functions for your canine companion:

  • Contact quality control: Get information immediately about the quality of the collar's contact with your dog's skin. This function ensures efficient and secure communication.
  • Battery monitoring: Keep an eye on the collar's battery status at all times so you're ready for every workout.
  • Temperature alerts: Be informed about the temperature of the collar* and thus ensure maximum comfort and safety for your dog.
  • Customization of parameters: Adjust the advanced parameters of the collar according to your needs. Adjust all stimulation levels for the best feeling for your dog in every training activity.
  • Stimulation Regulation: Ensure legal and ethical usage with the option to disable stimulation in countries where it is not allowed.

*With Bluetooth technology, you get information within the range of the connection.

MICRO–B / CHAMELEON III-B with «B» technology pushes the boundaries of traditional dog training. Get ready for a new era of intelligent and ethical training , where technology goes hand in hand with the comfort and safety of your dog. For more information, watch the following video:


PATENT CHAMELEON® - Revolutionary Technology for Your Dog


PATENT CHAMELEON® brings a number of benefits that transform the way electronic training collars are used:

  • Improved contact with your dog's body: Thanks to the unique design , where the contact points are located on the side of the collar , PATENT CHAMELEON® ensures better and more consistent contact with your dog's skin. This placement allows for more effective communication and stimulation.
  • Flexible location of contact points: This technology offers the possibility to easily change the position of contact points . This helps prevent mechanical necrosis, as the same spot on the skin is no longer constantly exposed to stimulation.
  • Adaptability for use with Chameleon ® Feather Contacts : Specially designed for dogs with thick or longer fur , PATENT CHAMELEON® guarantees 100% high-quality contact with the skin, which is key for effective training.
  • Discretion on the dog's neck: With its unique design, the collar is almost invisible on the dog's neck. Ideal for situations where discretion is required, such as exhibitions or working with service dogs.

PATENT CHAMELEON® represents a new era in electronic dog training , where the emphasis is on comfort, efficiency and discretion. With these collars, you can expect exceptional results while taking into account the well-being of your canine companion


Finger Kick : A revolutionary hands-free kit for your remote control


Finger Kick is a breakthrough technology that allows you to have both hands free during dog training. This is the best hands-free training collar remote control kit on the market for several reasons:

  • Long-term reliability: Provided by Finger for more than 10 years Kick a professional level of training comfort and efficiency.
  • Compact design: Finger Kick is the smallest hands-free kit of its kind, which allows for maximum discretion and comfort in use.
  • Excellent battery life: It offers the best battery life in its category, ensuring that it will serve you reliably for long training years.
  • Exceptional reach: Finger Kick has the best connection range between button and remote, meaning you can be flexible in your movement and position during training.
  • Patented technology: Thanks to patented technology, the Finger Kick is a leader in innovation and quality, providing unmatched performance.

With Finger With Kick, you can turn dog training into a smooth and natural process. This technology allows you to focus on communicating with your dog without having to sacrifice your attention and time to control the remote control. Perfect for professional trainers as well as for ordinary dog owners who are looking for an effective and convenient solution for training their canine companions.


Our tip: If you want to use the potential of Finger Kick in full , we recommend, like professional trainers do, to buy two Fingers Kicky . This allows you to have two levels of stimulation available at once, which will fundamentally change your approach to training. Experience shows that with a double setting Finger With Kick, training becomes much more intuitive and effective, until eventually you won't be able to imagine training without this advantage.




Contact measurement: Accuracy and safety with NHT and SSC Technology


Martin System collars are equipped with top contact measurement technology thanks to NHT patents ( Non-Harmful Technology ) and SSC (Skin Sensing Capabilities ). This innovative feature provides a number of benefits:

  • Detecting the quality of contact: The collars are able to detect exactly how good the contact is with your dog's skin. This ability ensures that stimulation is always optimal and is tailored to your dog's individual needs .
  • Avoiding overstimulation: Thanks to the precise contact measurement, you can avoid any involuntary overstimulation. This ensures that the training is not only effective, but also completely safe for your dog.
  • Correct placement assurance: The technology gives you confidence that the collar is correctly placed on your dog's neck. This increases the effectiveness of training and ensures that your dog only receives the level of stimulation it really needs.

This technology represents a fundamental advance in the field of electronic training collars. With contact measurement, you can be sure that your dog is receiving the best possible care and attention during every phase of training. Discover the difference with Martin System collars - where innovation and care go hand in hand.


SSC – Stimulation à Sensation Constante : A consistent feeling for your dog


SSC technology ( Stimulation à Sensation Constante ) represents a revolutionary step in the field of training collars. This patented and exclusive feature for the Martin System® ensures that regardless of the conditions - be it the moisture of the hair or the thickness of your dog's coat - your dog will always perceive the stimulation consistently and safely.

  • Consistent sensation: SSC ensures that your animal perceives stimulation in the same way, regardless of changes in the environment or physical conditions. This means that training is stable and predictable, which is the key to effective learning.
  • Patented Technology: This highly specific technology is patented and exclusive to Martin System® products, meaning you won't be able to find a similar level of consistency and reliability in any other training collar.
  • Consideration for the well-being of your dog: SSC was designed with an emphasis on the well-being and well-being of your dog. It's a technology that respects the needs of your canine companion while providing stable and consistent feedback.
  • Personal Experience: Experience SSC for yourself – literally. This technology allows you to experience first-hand what it's like when your dog is receiving stimulation, so you can better understand and tailor training to his needs.

SSC technology from Martin System® is more than just an innovation; it's a commitment to ensuring that your dog's training is as humane and effective as it can be. Discover the difference with Martin System® collars and take your dog's training to a new level.


NHT – NEW HIGH TECHNOLOGY: Miniaturization without compromises

NHT technology (New High Technology) represents a breakthrough in the field of training collars . Thanks to this patented technology, Martin System® is able to create electronic collars that are significantly smaller, while maintaining full functionality and performance.

  • Micro size: With NHT technology, Martin System® has achieved what was once considered impossible – a significant reduction in the size of electronic collars. This miniaturization brings comfort and less strain on your dog, making it an ideal choice for all breeds and sizes.
  • Extended battery life: Despite the smaller size of the collar, NHT technology allows for longer battery life , which ensures that your collar will be functional even during long training sessions .
  • Consistent electronic stimulation: Despite the smaller dimensions of the collar, the NHT guarantees consistent and accurate electronic stimulation. This means you can expect the same level of control and efficiency as you would from larger models.

NHT technology from Martin System® is a triumph of engineering that allows dog owners to use highly effective training methods without the need for large and heavy equipment. With collars equipped with NHT technology, you get a training tool that is not only powerful and reliable, but also comfortable and discreet for your dog.