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Martin System® - blog

The Martin System® focuses on animal welfare through an innovative approach to training aids. With their products, such as electronic training collars, the emphasis is on positive motivation and effective communication between owner and dog.

These products are designed to reinforce correct behavior without causing fear or pain . After Michael and Bart took over the management of the company in 2018 With Bellon , Martin System® has integrated the principles of the NePoPo® school into the design of its products, emphasizing its commitment to animal welfare. This approach ensures that the Martin System® training collars are not only effective, but also humane and respectful of the animals' needs.

🐾Discover the secret to happy and motivated dogs with the NePoPo® Klack Klack Board!

Want to form a strong bond with your dog? 🐶❤️ Discover a revolutionary way to turn everyday training into fun that your dog will love!  Introducing the NePoPo® Klack Klack Board Large - a training target that will change the way you look at dog training. 👣 The sound that changes everything When your four-legged friend steps on the Klack Klack Board or pushes it, it makes a pleasant sound that immediately catches his attention. This simple yet effective mechanism opens the door to new tra...

🐾 Martin System® and its contribution to Animal Welfare! 🌟

Since 2018, when Michael and Bart Bellon took over Martin System®, the brand has become even more representative of ethics and animal welfare in the dog training industry. Their electronic collars are specially designed for positive motivation and effective communication, without inducing fear or pain. By integrating the principles of the NePoPo® school into product design, Martin System® emphasizes the importance of animal welfare. This unique approach guarantees a harmonious relationship betw...

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