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CTT 4 controller + Induction plate + Finger Kick

Introducing the CTT 4 REMOTE CONTROL & FINGER KICK SET - a complete remote control set for  CHAMELEON®IV electronic training collars (it is not part of this set -  your ticket to the world of modern dog training, where technology meets innovation to take your training skills to a whole new level level.

This exclusive set is designed for those who do not accept compromises in efficiency and are looking for a way to improve the relationship and communication with their four-legged friends.

Using the latest technology , SET CTT 4 REMOTE CONTROL & FINGER KICK brings incomparable accuracy, flexibility and comfort, which will allow you to achieve exceptional results in training your dog. Whether you're a professional trainer or a passionate owner , this set will give you the tools you need to make unprecedented progress.

Forget about traditional methods and enter an era where dog training is not only more effective, but also more humane and intuitive. Thanks to innovative functions such as wireless collar control, temperature monitoring, contact measurement and much more, SET CTT 4 REMOTE CONTROL & FINGER KICK is the right choice for anyone who wants to give their dog only the best.

5 bullet points with the greatest advantages of the product:

1. Maximum efficiency and accuracy: Monitor important parameters such as collar (your dog's body) temperature, battery status and radio signal quality in real time for the best possible training results.

2. Welfare approach: Modern technologies enable not only effective but also gentle training, thanks to which your dog will remain happy and motivated.

3. Innovation at your fingertips: FINGER KICK brings a revolutionary way to control the stimulation button wirelessly and hands-free, allowing you to stay fully focused on training.

4. High level of customization: With the free DOGGIFY mobile application, you can customize the settings of the CTT4 controller according to your needs, whether it is for example the level of stimulation, the frequency of data updates, the brightness of the controller display, or notification alarms.

5. Convenience and sustainability: Both wireless and wired charging ensure your devices are always ready for use, while power saving mode and the ability to lock the rotary button prevent unwanted discharge or inadvertent changes in stimulation level.

Order your SET CTT 4 REMOTE CONTROL & FINGER KICK today and enter the future of dog training with the latest technology from Martin System! Be on the cutting edge of innovation and take your training methods to a new level.

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We present the most modern remote control CTT 4 designed to control the absolute technological top in the world of developmental electronic collars - Chameleon® IV electronic collars . Designed for modern training methods  of raising and training your dog. This advanced set is equipped with innovative functions and a wireless charger that ensures convenient and efficient use in everyday life.


Forget everything you know about traditional ways of communicating with your dog. We present to you the revolutionary remote control CTT 4 designed to control collars labeled Chameleon® IV - a technological miracle that will change your relationship with your dog beyond recognition. After years of tireless development and innovation at Martin System, they have created something that will caress the soul of any dog ​​lover.


CTT 4 is not just an ordinary controller for an electronic collar - it is a revolution in communication between man and dog. Thanks to the innovative system that allows the collar to send information back to the transmitter, you will have immediate access to important data such as skin contact , temperature of the collar (your dog's body), battery status and radio signal quality. In addition, with the patented Finger Kick, you can control the stimulation button of the remote control without using your hands , allowing you to fully concentrate on communicating with your dog.

Imagine training sessions where your communication with the dog is so natural that your dog responds immediately , without hesitation, with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. CTT 4 allows you to do that. With this intuitive Chameleon® IV collar control system that gives you control of up to two dogs at the same time, and with the free mobile DOGGIFY APP that allows you to customize the settings according to your needs, every training session will be more efficient and enjoyable. And with the possibility of wireless charging and the controller's own display brightness control, the CTT 4 is ready for any challenge. Thanks to its waterproof design and operating temperature from -10°C to 40°C, it is ready for any weather.


Don't miss the opportunity to change the way you interact with your dog. Order CTT 4 today and start writing a new chapter in your mutual communication. Be part of a revolution that pushes the boundaries of the possible. Your satisfaction and your dog's progress is our priority. Because we, together with Martin System, believe that every dog ​​deserves top care and quality training equipment at the highest level.


Key Features:

  • Backlit Color Display: The CTT 4 comes with a backlit color display that provides easy access to information from the Chameleon® IV collar.

  • Finger Kick: Patented Finger Kick technology enables hands-free wireless activation of the remote's stimulation button.

  • Radio signal range and feedback: CTT 4 provides feedback on Chameleon® IV parameters up to 300m away, including contact measurement, collar temperature, battery level and radio signal quality.

  • Collar sleep mode: The Chameleon® IV sleep mode reduces battery consumption when the collar is not in use, activated by the CTT 4 remote control.

  • Rotary knob lock: Prevents unwanted stimulation level changes by locking the current level.

  • Adjustable backlight CTT 4: Allows you to adjust the brightness of the remote control display and, if necessary, turn it off for discreet training hours, or evening walks or outings.

  • Doggify app: The free Doggify app provides access to extensive information and settings options, including contact measurement, collar temperature, battery level, and the ability to customize pulses, intensity, timing, and more.

  • Wireless charging: Fast wireless charging of the CTT 4 set (also applicable for Chameleon® IV) enables convenient and efficient charging without the need for cables.

This set is designed for everyone who is looking for an effective, safe and comfortable way to train their dogs using the latest technology. Enjoy peace of mind and quality training with this reliable and innovative solution for your canine companion.


More about Doggify


The CTT4 controller from MARTIN SYSTEM® brings you an innovation in training your dog that takes you right into the 21st century:

Thanks to  bluetooth technology,  you have access to Doggify, a free mobile application from Martin System® . After downloading and installing it on your smartphone (both Android and Apple devices are supported), you will get immediate access to a wide range of important information about the collar.

We can thus accurately determine whether the collar is correctly connected to the dog's skin (that is, whether the dog did not respond to the instruction due to ignoring the instruction or due to bad contact of the collar), monitor the dog's temperature (which is very practical, for example, when transporting the dog by car in the summer months), or check the battery charge status. The app also allows users to easily set default stimulation levels and customize the collar according to individual needs for an optimal training experience 

Download the dogiffy EN application




With the Doggify app and bluetooth technology :

    •  you will be informed about the quality of contact with your dog's body,
    •  you will be informed about the battery charge level
    •  you will be informed about the dog's collar/body temperature* (very practical, for example, when traveling in a car in the summer heat)
    •  you can set some advanced parameters of your collar, e.g.
      • the individual functions and their values ​​of your collar can be adjusted so that you get the best feeling from your dog during every training activity
      • modify the functions of the electronic collar according to the legislation of the country in which you are currently located, etc.

* Within bluetooth connection range


We would like to introduce you to some other interesting information about the CTT4 controller, which transforms it into a unique device and the absolute top in the segment of electronic collars:



The fourth generation of the Martin System® revolution!

Radio range and feedback up to 300m, CTT 4 displays feedback of Chameleon® IV parameters such as:

  • Contact details
  • Collar temperature (°C or °F)
  • Battery level
  • Radio signal quality








CHAMELEON® IV comes with a sleep mode, thanks to which you can save battery when you do not need to use the collar. This mode is only available with the CTT 4 remote control



 The CHAMELEON® IV collar also has a rotary button lock to prevent unwanted changes in the stimulation level.



CTT 4 backlight - Adjust the brightness of the CTT 4 remote control screen with the DOGGIFY app to train your dog discreetly. If necessary, the backlight can be turned off.




With the free DOGGIFY APP you get access to an unprecedented level of information and support.

  • contact measurement
  • Collar temperature measurement
  • Battery status indication for collar and transmitter

Customize your device settings:

  • Refresh rate of feedback data
  • Warning alarm on CTT 4
  • Level of stimulation 
  • And many more... 









Wireless charging - charge your CTT 4 device with fast wireless charging, but of course you can also use classic cable charging.
















Dear customers, we want to provide you not only top products , but also complete support in their use. That is why we have prepared a series of detailed video instructions for you , where you will find practical tips and instructions for operating and using all the functions of the purchased product.

Our video tutorials are simple, easy to understand and designed to help you get the most out of your investment in quality training equipment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find all the information you need to get the most out of your new e-collar.

You can find video manuals in the "Information for you" section at the bottom of our e-shop.

Be sure to visit this page for step-by-step instructions to make sure you get the most out of your Martin System® product.

Designed for professionals - the CHAMELEON® iv collar is a revolutionary tool in the field of electronic dog training.

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