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DOGTROPHY is a remote-controlled mechanism for releasing large balls designed to  instantly reward dogs during training.

This product allows trainers to reward their dog's desired behavior remotely, increase their motivation, appetite and drive   using the Finger Kick remote control, increasing efficiency and accuracy in the training process.

A great training aid that is used as a direct and indirect reward. Ideal, for example, for radio training , or the area . 

The package includes a DogTrophy receiver and three large balls that guarantee maximum fun for your dog. In addition, you get a charging set for convenient recharging and a practical portable case for easy transport.

Additionally, you can purchase FingerKick - an innovative device that enables hands-free control of the transmitter, which will make your interaction with the device even easier. Please note that the PT3000 vertical stand and transmitter are not included in the package , but can also be purchased separately.

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DOGTROPHY  is a top training tool for dog trainers and enthusiasts, which combines innovation and practicality for effective training . The main goal of this system is to allow trainers to reward the desired behavior of their dog immediately and even remotely, which is key for strengthening the dog's motivation and enthusiasm for work, positively reinforcing the desired behaviors and habits.

Description of components:

  1. Dog Trophies :

    • This device works as a remote controlled feeder of large balls. It can simultaneously contain up to three balls with a diameter of approximately 9 cm.
    • Its main function is to allow trainers to reward their dogs instantly, even over a considerable distance.
  2. PT3000 - not included in the package - can be purchased separately at any time:

    • It is a remote control that allows you to manipulate the DogTrophy.
    • This transmitter allows trainers to control the release of the balls, allowing them to reward the dog and increase its drive and motivation even over longer distances.
  3. FingerKick - not part of the package - can be purchased separately at any time  :

    • An innovative finger-worn controller allows trainers to control the DogTrophy Ball Feeder without having to hold the remote control itself.
    • This feature gives trainers more flexibility and allows them to focus more on the training process.

Uses and benefits:

  • Immediate reward : The system allows trainers to immediately reward the dog for correct and desired behavior at any distance, which is essential for effective training.
  • Remote control : Thanks to the PT3000 Transmitter, trainers can control the ball feeder from a distance, which is useful in situations where it is necessary to maintain a distance from the dog - for example, for radio training , or a field .
  • Expandability:  FingerKick - a practical accessory that enables convenient hands-free operation, is not included in the basic package. However, you can supplement it at any time as a separate purchase, thereby expanding the possibilities and convenience of using our product

Appropriate use

This system is suitable for various types of training, from basic obedience to specialized training, such as the already mentioned training of radios , or the field ... Its universality and effectiveness make it a valuable tool for a wide range of training situations.



For detailed information and instructions for use, visit the '  Related files  ' tab, where you will find complete  manuals for the DOGTROPHY & PT3000 & FINGER KICK product


DOGTROPHY represents a revolutionary approach to dog training, combining technology and practicality to maximize trainer efficiency and comfort. It is a tool that pushes the boundaries of traditional training methods, offering trainers an effective way to reinforce correct behavior in their dogs.


Walkie-talkie training and speed building demo with DOGTROPHY - Bart Bellon - one of the best dog trainers in the world:

full speed to Dogtrophy and full speed back.....coughing in the demonstration is not a command...we teach the dog not to react to any sound...but to the real command...


Demonstration of dog recall training using DOGTROPHY - Bart Bellon - one of the best cynologists in the world:

recalling the dog only a few meters from the goal - the distance of the recall of the dog is constantly changing ... a recall is a recall ... without discussion ... without repeated commands .... however, the dog knows that it pays to obey ... as a reward we send him again after the dropped ball only when the dog is at full speed...


Walkie-talkie training and speed building demo with DOGTROPHY - Bart Bellon - one of the best dog trainers in the world:

only release the ball when the dog is at full speed to reward full speed ... many people try to speed up the dog by releasing the ball when it is slow ... RESULT ... the dog will get slower and slower ...
learn think like a dog!....reward only desired behavior !!!


 Demonstration of obedience training with a game - DOGTROPHY as an indirect reward:

there are 1000 roads to Rome - you don't always have to hold treats in your hand for the dog to listen to your instructions (direct reward) ... use DOGTROPHY ... and the dog will know that the reward is coming even if he can't see it in your hands - break your dog's addiction dog on treats or toys in your hands...


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