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Finger Kick (red)

Are you ready to turn training your dog into an experience full of freedom and control? Introducing FINGER KICK red - a revolutionary accessory that will change the way you communicate with your four-legged friend.

You no longer have to limit yourself by holding the remote control. With FINGER KICK red, you can have both hands free and still react immediately to any situation. Whether you are on a walk in the park or engaged in demanding training, FINGER KICK red allows you to communicate with your dog discreetly and effectively. From now on, you can always control your dog at your fingertips - literally!

Imagine that your communication with your dog is fluid, at the moment you need it and not when you take the remote control out of your pocket, and it is also extremely discreet - almost invisible.

FINGER KICK red, compatible with the Martin System range of remote controls, allows you to do just that. No more confusing leashes or unwieldy controls, just you, your dog and a world full of adventures.

It's time to go beyond the boundaries of traditional training and discover new possibilities with FINGER KICK red. Be part of the revolution in communication with your dog. Order FINGER KICK red today and experience freedom and control like you've never known before. Be prepared for a change that will make training not only more effective, but also more enjoyable for you and your dog. Don't wait, start your adventure now!

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FINGER KICK RED: A revolution in training and comfort for you and your dog 

Have you always dreamed that training your dog could be easier, more efficient and yet fully under control? FINGER KICK RED is the answer to your prayers! This revolutionary addition to the Martin System remote controls is designed to give you maximum flexibility and control over your pet's training without having to hold a remote control in your hands.

Imagine being able to exercise your dog, play with it or just take a leisurely walk with both hands free . With FINGER KICK RED, it's not just a dream. This small but powerful device attaches directly to your finger and allows you to wirelessly control the stimulation button on the Martin System remote control up to 25 meters away from the remote control itself. Whether you are an experienced cynologist or just an enthusiastic dog owner, you will appreciate its discretion, practicality and promptness.

FINGER KICK RED is the perfect companion for everyday life with your dog. Thanks to its compatibility with various models of Martin System remote controls, you can be sure that it will work with your device.


Don't miss the opportunity to turn training your dog into a fun and efficient activity with FINGER KICK RED.


5 convincing advantages of FINGER KICK RED:

1. Hands-free control: Training your dog or just normal walks will become more comfortable, as you will have both hands free.

2. Instant control: You are always in control of your dog, ensuring safety and comfort for both of you.

3. High compatibility: FINGER KICK RED is designed to work with various models of Martin System remote controls, ensuring wide applicability:

Finger Kick is compatible with the following Martin System remote controls:

 - Remote Control TT 1000 (possibility of using up to 2 Finger Kicks)

    - Remote Control PT 3000 (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kicks)

    - Remote Control Beagle Master (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kicks)

    - Remote control TT4FK (possibility of using 1 Finger Kick)

    - Remote control CTT (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kick)

    - Remote control K9 (possibility of using up to 4 Finger Kick)

4. Discretion and practicality: Small and unobtrusive design allows discreet use in any environment without disturbing the surroundings.

5. Increasing the effectiveness of training: Thanks to the ability to immediately react to your dog's behavior without the need to manipulate the remote control, training becomes more effective and pleasant for both parties.




Imagine a moment when your four-legged friend is watching you intently, waiting for your instructions, while you have your hands full. Whether you're holding a coffee, reading a book or simply need your hands free for your children. Here comes the revolutionary FINGER KICK red - the miracle key to seamless communication with your dog, without having to sacrifice the comfort of your hands.

FINGER KICK red is more than just an ordinary accessory. It is a patented innovation that will change the way you communicate with your dog. Compatible with the Martin System range of remotes, this little hero attaches to your finger and allows you to control the stimulation button wirelessly, whether you're indoors or outdoors, up to 25 meters away. No matter how demanding your daily routine is, FINGER KICK red will become your irreplaceable helper.

Think how your training sessions would change if you could have both hands free, ready for any situation. Imagine walks where communication with your dog is so subtle and discreet that passers-by won't even notice how cleverly you are guiding your dog. FINGER KICK red is not only practical, but also an elegant way to show your skill and professional approach to dog training. Be the one always in control without sacrificing comfort or style.

The time has come to move from imagination to reality. FINGER KICK red is waiting to become part of your daily life and your dog's training. Take the first step towards problem-free and smooth communication with your pet. Order FINGER KICK red today and experience the difference that freedom of movement brings along with constant control. Be inspired by the possibilities that FINGER KICK red opens up and change the way you spend time with your four-legged friend for the better - efficiently, comfortably and stylishly.

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