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Do you have a dog that does what it wants and you don't know how to get it under control? We present to you the PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL , a revolutionary remote control that will change your relationship with your dog beyond recognition 

The PT3000 is not just an ordinary controller. With a range of up to 3000 meters , 18 levels of stimulation and 8 program modes, this versatile tool will give you absolute control and flexibility when training your dog. Whether you have one or two dogs, the dual frequency PT3000 lets you train them simultaneously or individually with the precision you need. And with automatic memory of the last selected stimulation level for each button, your training will be consistent and effective.

Imagine your dogs obeying the first command , regardless of whether you are in the park, on a trip or just in your yard. With the PT3000, all this becomes a reality. Waterproof design, lightweight construction and compatibility with accessories such as Micro Trainer B, Chameleon®III B and Finger-Kick make the PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL a must-have for every dog ​​owner who wants to raise an obedient and happy dog.

Don't wait until your dog's behavior problems become unmanageable. Invest in the PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL today and see positive changes in your relationship with your dog immediately. Buy the PT3000 now and start your journey to better understanding and training your dog today!

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PT 3000

Introducing the PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL – a revolutionary solution for all those looking for an effective and innovative way to train their canine companions. Whether you're a professional dog trainer or just looking for a way to improve your pet's obedience, the PT3000 is the tool to make it happen.

With an incredible range of up to 3000 meters for Micro Trainer B collars and   1500m for Chameleon III B collars, the PT3000 gives you the freedom to train your dog without limitations. Whether you're in an open field or a dense forest, this remote control ensures you're always in full control. With 18 levels of stimulation and 8 program modes, the PT3000 provides the flexibility needed to tailor training to your dog's individual needs.

The unique ability to control two dogs with one transmitter allows you to use your time and resources efficiently. And with two stimulation buttons for each dog, you can easily switch between different frequencies to ensure optimal training for both of your four-legged friends.

Don't be limited by distance or terrain anymore. With the PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL, you literally have the power in your hands to guide your dogs to better obedience and behavior that exceeds your expectations.

5 convincing bullet points with the biggest advantages of PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL:


1. Unbeatable range: With a range of up to 3000 meters, the PT3000 allows you to train your dog without limitations, which is ideal for outdoor environments.

2. Flexible training option: With 18 levels of stimulation and 8 program modes, you can tailor the training exactly to your dog's needs.

3. Dual control: Control two dogs with one transmitter, allowing you to use your training sessions more efficiently.

4. High durability: The waterproof (not waterproof) design means that the PT3000 is ready for any adventure, wherever you go and whatever the weather.

5. Intuitive use: With an LCD display and automatic memory of the last selected stimulation level for each button, the PT3000 is easy for everyone to use.

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your dog's training with the PT3000 REMOTE CONTROL into a joyful adventure. An investment in this tool is an investment in a better future for you and your canine companion.



PT3000 controller: Your partner for training two dogs


The revolutionary PT3000 controller, which is designed for efficient and flexible training of your dogs. With 18 levels of stimulation and 8 different programs, the PT3000 offers the unique possibility of working with two different stimulations for one dog at the same time, which ensures maximum efficiency and adaptability in training.

Compatibility: The PT3000 is fully compatible with any Chameleon® Series or Martin System® collar, allowing you to easily integrate the controller into your existing training system.

Key Features:

  • Double control: Control two collars at the same time with 4 intuitive buttons, 2 for each dog.
  • Various stimulation programs: Choose from 8 programs including clicker, stimulation with/without sound, short-term stimulation (flash), gradually increasing stimulation and warning signals followed by stimulation with sound, for comprehensive training options.
  • Extensive range: With a range of between 1500 and 3000 meters (depending on collar type), the PT3000 is ideal for long-distance training.
  • Waterproof controller: With the controller's waterproof design, you can continue training in any weather.
  • Charging: The controller is powered by CR2 batteries, which ensures long endurance for continuous training.

Technical specifications:

  • Range: 1500 - 3000m (depending on the collar)
  • Number of dogs: 2
  • Number of stimulation levels: 18
  • Number of programs: 8
  • Waterproof: The controller is waterproof
  • Charging: CR2 batteries


The PT3000 is the ideal choice for two-dog owners looking for a flexible, efficient and high-quality training solution. Whether you're a dog training professional or enthusiast, the PT3000 gives you the tools you need to achieve outstanding results.

Manuals :

Product user manuals are available on this website under the " Related Files " tab


Video tutorials:  

Dear customers, we want to provide you not only top products , but also complete support in their use. That is why we have prepared a series of detailed video instructions for you , where you will find practical tips and instructions for operating and using all the functions of the purchased product.

Our video tutorials are simple, easy to understand and designed to help you get the most out of your investment in quality training equipment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find all the information you need to get the most out of your new e-collar.

You can find video manuals in the "Information for you" section at the bottom of our e-shop.

Be sure to visit this page for step-by-step instructions to make sure you get the most out of your Martin System® product.

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Martin System is a recognized brand in the field of training equipment for dogs , which focuses on innovation and quality. The company, based in Belgium, has many years of experience in the development and production of high-quality training collars and accessories for dogs.

Martin System products are designed to provide effective and humane solutions for dog training and behavior management. The offer includes a wide range of products, from electronic training collars to specialized systems for professional trainers, sports, hunting cynology, enthusiastic dog owners and cynology lovers, as well as for security forces. All products are the result of thorough research and innovation, which ensures their high efficiency and safety in use.

One of the main characteristics of the Martin System brand is its commitment to ethics and responsibility . The company places great emphasis on the development of products that respect the well-being and welfare of animals. This means that it uses the latest technology and scientific knowledge in the development of its products to ensure that their use is safe and harmless to animals .

Martin System is also known for its excellent customer support and expert advice . The company offers a wide range of tools to help customers better understand the products and get the most out of their use. The team of experts is always ready to provide help and advice, whether it is about choosing the right product or training techniques.

In our e-shop you will find a wide selection of Martin System products, from basic collar models to advanced training systems . Whether you are a professional trainer, a sports or hunting cynology enthusiast, a security agency or just looking for an effective way to improve your relationship with your dog, Martin System products offer you reliable solutions. Check out our offer and discover how Martin System products can help you and your dog achieve your goals.

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